about us

This is a personal finance blog.  This blog is about making more money and handling your finances from a married couples perspective, for other married couples.  Simple!

Here we hope to help you learn how to save and make more money, and how to have a stronger and a brighter future as we work through finances and managing your income and earning more money. We know that finances can be a hard topic for a lot of people, especially in marriage when finances is what most couples fight about, and this is why we feel so passionate about sharing what we've learned and using our education to share financial wisdom with you.  Our blog is for married couples that want to handle their finances better, make more money, save money and anything else financial.

We hope you enjoy! 

who we are



Tyler is a fun and adventurous guy who loves traveling, storm chasing, writing, and all things finance. Tyler is a provisional Real Estate Agent, which means he is licensed and ready to sell homes and cannot wait to help people find their dream homes!

Tyler is passionate about helping others, and loves having the opportunity to connect with new people. Tyler also has over 5 years of experience in the banking/finance industry and has taken various business and personal finance courses during his time in college. Most importantly, Tyler is very passionate about his relationship with the Lord, and that is what drives his passion to help others on their path to financial well-being. 



Ariel has a Bachelor's in Communication Studies and is currently working in the banking industry! She loves people, and greatly values the time she gets to spend with her family and friends. She also loves new adventures and traveling to new places as long as Tyler is there to share it with her.

Like Tyler, Ariel also loves building long lasting connections with new people, and wants to help others be more financially secure. Ariel has experience in marketing, and works as a freelance social media manager in her spare time. Ariel is also very passionate about her faith, and ultimately credits any success that her and Tyler have to the Lord.