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How To Make An Extra $1000 A Month - Top 5 Irresistible Ideas That Work

how to make an extra 1000 a month

When it comes to the question ' how to make money online' most people think about the concept of being an influencer. But, the reality is that there are several routes you can take when it comes to the making money online.

In this post I list 5 different ways to make money online, two of which I can personally vouch 3 of which I can personally vouch for.

1. How To Start A Blog

How to start a blog

When it comes to answering the question of how to make an extra $1000 a month from home, starting a blog is the best way you can accomplish that.

Earning Money With A Blog

Once you have established and filled your blog with content, you can use platforms such as Google AdSense, Popads who pay you on a pay-per-click (PPC) and Cost per thousand (CPM) basis.

PPC means that you get paid each time someone clicks an ad on your blog. While CPM stands for earning a specific dollar amount for every 1000 people that visit your blog. Your CPC and CPM rate will be based on the content you have on your site in relation to the type of ads that you allow.

For instance, ads promoting the finance business sector pay blog owners more than ads from the weight loss sector. The process of starting a blog can be broken down into 5 steps.

a) Niche

The first step of creating your blog is to determine the niche you will be working with. Most expert bloggers agree that you should focus on something you love.

By focusing on a topic that you genuinely care about, you will be able to easily connect with your audience who may continue to come back to your blog for new content.

In addition to this, it will be much easier for you to establish a blog with an abundance of content if you have a genuine interest in the topics of your niche.

b) Define Your Ideal Reading Audience

Defining who your ideal readers are, is just as important as finding your niche. You need to be aware of the type of people that will be reading your blog.

Once you have determined who your ideal readers are, you should fine tune your writing to resonate with your target audience. If you write a blog about being a vegetarian even if you aren't, do not write about your recent experience at McDonalds. If you determine that your audience is more on the geeky side, be sure to include terminologies and other insiders they will resonate with. The idea is to tailor your content to your target audience.

c) Choose your name and get hosting

When it comes to starting your first blog, it's highly recommended that you use a reputable blog hosting company. While it may be true that you can create your own site from scratch, you will have to learn how to create an eye catching blog on your own, while simultaneously creating content for blog.

By using a blog hosting platform, you can focus on the content aspects of your site instead. Platforms such as blogger and Blogspot, will host your blog for free. In addition to that, they give you a free subdomain which you can use to promote your site.

Alternatively, you can buy a customized domain name as well. Try to find the cheapest way to start a blog, but you may need to invest a little to get started with a good blog.

Once you've chosen a blog hosting platform, you need to give your blog a name and choose a theme which is reflective of the content you'll be posting. With Bluehost you get a discount if you sign up through here. If you sign up with a 12-month or more plan, you are only charged at $3.95/month. It's super affordable and you can choose your own domain name, which we highly recommend when making money with a blog.

d) Make Your Blog Unique

One of the first things you should do is to create a contact, about and stare here page. This will operate as the backbone of your site and major point of navigation when people visit it. When it comes to making your blog unique, each post should feature a logo.

You can create a basic logo using software such as Photoshop, Indesign or a regulator text editor. In addition to that:

  • Photos - Be sure to add photos of yourself to personalize your blog. This helps to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Ensure that you use high quality images. You can get high quality stock photos from places such as Canvas. It's the best place in our experience to get high quality images. You don't have to actually sign up for the premium version. You can use a large range of free stock photos, but if you want access to the best pictures on Canvas, then sign up for the pro plan. It's only $12.99 for monthly, or $9.99 a month with a yearly plan. It's still a lot cheaper than most other places when getting stock photos. Sign up here!

  • Comments - Determine if you want comments on your blog or not. Comments can be useful when it comes to receiving feedback and it gives you an opportunity to engage with your readers.

  • Publish - When you are in the process of building your blog in its early stages, you want to populate it as quickly as possible. By doing this, you will give your first set of visitors a reason to come back, as opposed to publishing once per week. Ideally, you should focus on 3-5 posts per day, as to which you can gradually post less.

e) Promotion

No one will visit your blog, if they don't know it exists. You can change that by establishing a social media profile on each network so that you can reach out to other people to gradually build your audience.

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest would be ideal, because each time you publish a new post, you can post a link on your profile as to which will be seen by your friends, followers and fans.

2. T-Shirt Store

how to make money

Another interesting way to make 1000 a month is to create and promote your very own t-shirt store. The concept of doing this may seem very expensive at first glance but in all actuality it can be started for as little as $50 dollars.

Even if you aren't a designer yourself, you can leverage several sources to acquire designs as to wish you can upload to multiple platforms.

a) Designs

When it comes to building your very own t-shirt store, you will need to acquire multiple t-shirt designs. While it may be true that you can use a locally based source for this area, it may end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A more cost effective way to do this would be to go to a platform such as Fiver. Fiver is a freelancing platform that consists of freelancers from across the world, who provide different services based on their underlying skillset. On the platform you can hire people for services such as:

  • Transcription

  • Advertising

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Development

  • Translation

  • Video Script

One of the unique things about Fiverr is that you can communicate with providers who are located across the world. As such, you can get services for a fraction of the cost of getting it locally.

For instance, while locally based web designers may require $2000 to conduct a given project, you can use Fiverr to connect with a professional web designer in the Philippines, who will do the same project at the same level of professionalism and skill for 20% of the original asking price of the locally based designer. Therefore, you can get customized t-shirt designs for as little as $10 - $20.

b) T-spring

Once you've acquired multiple designs, the next thing you will need is a dropping shipping t-shirt design platform. T-spring is an online platform which allows designers and customers to develop their own products with independent manufacturers.

Essentially, they focus on dealing with the technical back end of owning a t-shirt store, while you can just focus on the design and promotional aspects of owning an online t-shirt store. The company provides blank t-shirts for as little as $10. In turn, you get the opportunity to upload your design on that t-shirt as to which you can resell for $24, earning you a profit of $14.

Once an order is processed, you will be able to withdraw your earnings from the account.

c) Promotion

By using Teespring you will be given a link to your store which will feature all the shirts that you're providing. In order for you to get people to purchase your shirts, they have to become aware that your store even exists. One of the most effective things you can do is to promote them through Facebook groups.

The beauty behind this concept is that your options are literally unlimited. For instance, if you choose to provide horror related designs such as designs consisting of skulls and bones or otherworldly creatures, one of the things you can do is to post a link of your store in a horror based Facebook group. In addition to that you can use Facebook's ad platform to promote your products as well.

It also goes without saying that you can encourage your friends and family members to share the your store's link to their list of friends and loved ones.

3. Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Make money with your car
Screenshot from Carvertise

We've all seen a vehicle or two which features an abundance of stickers and ads. You may think it looks hilarious or downright ridiculous, but if you choose to hop on this train, various companies will pay you handsomely, just for driving.

The advertisement world is very competitive as businesses need to get exposure to ensure their company's continued success. As such, businesses connect to companies who in turn, pay drivers to advertise their logos via car vinyl advertisements.

What makes this such an ideal way to make money is that in most cases, you do not have to try and sell a product or rely on commissions. It's common for people to see ads on blogs, bulletin boards and YouTube videos. The primary purpose of a vast majority of these ads, aren't to get people to purchase anything necessarily.

The purpose of those ads is to entice people to remember the company's name. Known as brand awareness, you essentially get paid just for garnering attention for said brand, by placing ads on your car.

Large companies like Pepsi CO, will not pay sponsors directly, rather, they work with an organization that gathers willing drivers. Some of the things that will affect your earning capacity include:

  • The model of the vehicle you drive.

  • The amount of miles you traverse daily.

  • The amount of hours that you stay in the car.

a) Wrapify

Wrapify pays its drivers monthly to cover a portion of their car with ads. Once you have been approved as a driver, they provide you with an app which measures the area, hours and time that you spend driving. They use this data to determine how much they should pay. It's a rather simple formula because essentially it means that the amount of pay you will earn is based on how much you drive.

In order for you to become a Wrapify driver you have to meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years old and above.

  • No criminal record.

  • Clean driving history.

  • No paint or physical harm to your current vehicle

b) Carvertise

Carvertise is another popular platform that allows you to get paid for placing ads on your vehicle. Upon registering an eligible vehicle, they put you on a holding list as to which they try to discover sponsors who need to advertise in your particular area.

You're earning potential is partially based on the amount of ads that you place on your car. And, in addition to that, you have to travel 30 miles over a 24 hour period each day in order to work with this company,

c) Free Car Media

Free Car Media is a smaller platform which focuses on placing smaller sized ads on your car. Unlike other platforms, they pay a flat rate of $400 monthly. However, the ads that they place on your vehicle are relatively small. Therefore, you can use them in addition to several other companies to maximize your earning potential.

4. Pay-Per Click Marketing

Content Marketing

For this portion, I will use Google Ads platform as an example. But, this is applicable to other pay-per-click search engines such as JustAsk, Yahoo and Bing.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

Whenever you search for a given term at Google, you are given two sets of results, one of which features an 'ad label'. For the results that do not feature an ad label, they receive what's known as organic traffic from the search engine.

What this means is that they get free traffic to their website when someone searches for a specific term. The other set of results with the ad label, paid Google to display their websites when a specific search term was conducted.

So, when you search for something such as Plumbers near me, you are given a list of websites that occur naturally for that search term, and a list of websites with ad labels who paid Google to be listed as well.

This is called Pay-Per-Click marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketers and companies, pay Google to display their site, whenever someone searches for a specific term.

One of the ways you can make money with pay-per-click advertising, is to promote different services and products as an affiliate. Companies like Clickbank, Maxbounty and Peerfly, connect real people like you and me with large companies, who pay to get visitors to conduct a specific action, such as to fill out their email or to purchase a specific product. The people who do this action are called a lead.

You can get paid anywhere from a few cents to a few hundred dollars for each lead that you get. Here is a step by step breakdown of how the process works.

Step 1 - Sign Up To An Affiliate Platform

The first step of the process consists of signing up for an affiliate company. Even though most companies require some degree of experience, other companies are more welcoming to newcomers such as ClickBank, CPAGrip, LemonAds and MyLead.

Upon registering, you will be able to see different companies who pay various amounts for generating different types of leads. Even though you will come across companies which pay $1-$5 for everyone you get to do something as basic as submit their email, for the purposes of pay-per-click advertising, you will want to focus on a company which provides at least %50-$100 per lead.

Step 2 - Create A Landing Page

Once you choose a given company, you will be given an affiliate link. Each time someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase you will earn commissions. When it comes to where you should put your affiliate link, for the purposes of pay-per-click marketing you need to create what's known as a landing page.

A landing page is essentially the place where you will send your visitors, after they click on your ads via GoogleAds platform. On this landing page you will try to convince the visitor to purchase the product from the company you're promoting.

So, if the company you choose to work with, under your affiliate network, is a weight loss supplement provider, you would talk about how said company's product could help to trigger natural weight loss.

On your site you can create a body of text with accompanying videos and photos to your liking. When it comes to directing them to the company after the fact, you have to place your affiliate link into the button section of your site.

Whenever they consume your content and press the button on your site, a cookie will be placed into their computer that will track their activity and determine if they eventually make a purchase.

Step 3 - Create Your Ad

Using the GoogleAds platform is straightforward, but does require a great deal of time and effort to master.

  • Keywords - Use the Google Keyword tool to determine how much people search for terms related to the service or product you're promoting. This is called a keyword. A keyword can be one word or an entire sentence. For example, if you're promoting muscle enhancers, you would use the keyword tool to see how many people search for search terms like " how to build muscle", "best muscle enhancers" or 'boost muscle strength fast'.

  • Ad Setup - Once you've acquired a given set of keywords that you would like to focus on. You have to create an ad and determine how much you will pay google for each person who clicks on your ad for the given search term, the maximum amount that you're willing to spend on a daily basis as well as the headline and underlying description of your ad.

5. Poshmark

Make money online
Screenshot of Poshmark

Poshmark is the largest used retail clothing platform. It consists of over 50 million Americans, some of whom have made millions of dollars from selling used clothing . Poshmark only earned $300 million in 2018, but that number ballooned to $1 billion by the end of 2019.

One of the ways I've personally made $1000+ on a monthly basis was to resell merchandise that I bought at a thrift store, through Poshmark's shopping platform. At first glance, Poshmark looks similar to Instagram. And, just like Instagram, you can gather followers by following other Poshmarkers, some of whom will follow you back. But, the primary purpose of Poshmark is to facilitate the sale of used retail merchandise.

Users are allowed to sell merchandise such as clothing and purses. Here is a step by step process of getting started as a seller.

a) Build Your Inventory

The first thing you'll need to do is to focus on a particular retail merchandise that you'll sell. For instance, during the winter seasons, you could focus on only selling jackets, while during the summer season you can focus on selling used name brand shirts and shorts. Shirts and purses are regarded as being the top selling categories on Poshmark, so as a beginner I highly recommend that you choose this route.

The process of building your inventory consists of becoming familiarized with top name brands within your chosen niche. Meaning, if you plan to focus on purses, you should become familiar with the top name brands that are particularly expensive. Once you have a good idea of brands to focus on acquiring, the next step consists of visiting multiple thrift stores to find used merchandise under your selected list of brands.

In most cases, you will be able to get quality used clothing and purses for as low as 10% of the retail price. A good rule of thumb to go by is that you should only get items that will give you a 200% - 300% return on investment. So, if you see a north face jacket for $20, you should only acquire it if you feel confident that it can be resold for $40 - $60.

b) Establishing Your Closet

Once you've acquired a good amount of merchandise, the next step consists of taking pictures of said merchandise, pricing them, then uploading them to your Poshmark closet. Your closet functions like your store, and you can have multiple closets that provide specific pieces of clothing.

The beauty of Poshmark is that once you have uploaded items to your closet, you can then share this closet with your followers who get a notification each time that you share it.

c) How To Gain A Large Audience On Poshmark

On Poshmark you can build a large follower base, similarly to Instagram, as to which you can market your clothing items to by 'sharing your closet'. However, the unlike social networks like Twitter And Instagram, Poshmark is a selling platform and less of a social network, so it encourages its seller to reach out to multiple people on the platform so that they can expand their reach and acquire a large audience.

From personal experience, where other networks limit you to the amount of people you can follow per day, Poshmark allows you to follow up to 7000 people per day. In general, you can expect a follow back ratio of 25% - 33%. So, if you want to gain 100 followers per day, you have to follow 300 people per day.

As such, when it comes to selling your products on Poshmark, you will need to acquire a large follower base, by simply following other users on the platform.

Other Things To Consider

It's also worth noting that you can leverage the power of other used retail platforms such as:

  • ThredUp

  • OfferUP

  • 5 Miles

  • The RealDeal

  • Vestiaire Collective

Final Thoughts

Making money on the internet is about providing something of value. And, as Mark Zuckerberg said:

"Provide good content and the money will follow."

The same can be said about the aforementioned ways of earning 1000 a month or more. By providing good content, good products and services, you can easily put yourself in a position to show your own loved ones how to make money online.

When it's all said and done, the internet has given hundreds of thousands if not millions of people the opportunity to overcome the financial barrier of establishing a traditional business.

Even though making money on the internet, requires a great deal of time and effort, some would say that it is a much smaller obstacle than a financial one. Many times you have to give these things time to build, but if you're patient and let it grow, then you could be earning an extra $1000 a month soon and even more money than that if you really devote yourself.

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