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How To Start A Business With No Money

Updated: Feb 6

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Starting a business is exhilarating. Do you have a dream of being your own boss? Having the freedom of getting to travel wherever you want and not have a boss criticizing you every day? Ariel and I do! I am going into real estate because I want to be able to make my own schedule and have the potential to make as much money as I can. I also want to help people and give them the chance to find their dream home.

No matter what business you start, it is still the fact that you are helping others and giving yourself freedom from a 9-5 job. But what if you want to start your own business, but you don’t have any money? How do you start a business without money? That’s what we’ll be discussing today. If you want to learn how to start a business and how to do it without much money or any money, then keep reading.

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Now, let’s get started. This is how to start a business without money.

Know What Kind Of Business You Want To Start

What kind of business should I start? What’s the best business to start with little money? What are the best business ideas to make money? These are all questions that we typically ask ourselves when we want to start a business. No matter what kind of business idea you come up with, this is the first step.

You need to know what kind of business you want to start. Maybe you want to be completely online, or to be able to work from home. Or maybe you want to have an office or building that you work from. Try to answer these questions before investing any money.

If you want to start a business with little money or no money, we suggest starting out online. For example, you can start an online blog or online dropshipping store. How much does this require? Hardly anything if you think about it.


There are online platforms that allow users to build a blog easily with no money, or little investment. If you decide to start a blog, you have to remember that this takes time. You don’t want to start a business expecting to profit immediately. In the long run, like 1-3 years, you could be earning a lot of money, but you have to start first and pay your dues. If you play it just right, then you will make money.

Some blogs make only an extra $1,000 a month, while others make over $100,000 a month. How do you get that high of earnings? You have to play it right. By choosing a niche that has a high search volume, you could be earning a lot. If you don’t focus your niche, search engines might have a harder time figuring out who to refer your blog to.

Choose the right blog niche, and choose the right blogging platform.

To choose a platform, you want to choose one that suits your needs as a blogger. There’re plenty of options out there, and I’ll list a few for you:

We recommend going with Bluehost. Bluehost offers a great discounted rate if you decide to sign up through our link for $3.95. If you decide to start a blog, you can get started here with Bluehost and sign up with a Wordpress account.

If you'd prefer to read a step-by-step guide, check out this guide for starting a blog.


Dropshipping is another option that many choose because it allows users to run an online business with little investment. I would suggest going with Shopify, but there are other options out there also.

What is dropshipping and how do you do it? This is when you set up a website and list sell products such as clothing, and all without keeping any of the inventory. You do this by listing products on your website, and when someone buys a product, you order the product from the actual merchant and have it shipped directly to the customer. You never have to hold the inventory.

This does require a small investment to get started, mainly to get a website and other tools to help with functionality. But once you have this up and running, you could be making a lot of money with your business, and all for little money.

If you want to find some other business ideas that require little to no money, check out this article on the top 25 business ideas to start now.

Figure Out How Much Money Is Required For That Business

When starting any business, it’s very wise to figure out how much your start-up costs will be and if you have the money needed in the first place. As mentioned previously, the start-up costs for blogging and an online store are very little and nothing.

But this isn’t the case with everything, as some business ideas require some kind of investment in order to really be successful. Many may start out with a free online blog or ecommerce version, and when you start making money, they re-invest it back into the business to make it better.

For blogging, most online platforms are free, but you have to pay to upgrade. And you definitely want to upgrade. offers a free version, and is also free. Before starting, total how much, if any, is required to start the business you want to start. And make goals of how much to invest in the future.

Save Up

If you absolutely cannot invest any money, or you just don’t have enough, then try to save up the money needed. Once you’ve totaled what the minimum needed to actually start whatever the business idea is, then start a savings account and add as much as you can to that fund to get to that goal.

You may only need $100 as starting a blog is very cheap to get started with. Or maybe you need the minimum required for a down payment for a loan. Whatever it is, save it up. Let the fact that you could be your own boss and have a lot more freedom drive you to save up and start your business.

Take Out A Loan

Don’t have the money or the savings to start your business? Consider taking out a loan. Refer to your local bank the one you currently bank at and ask what options they have for business loans.

Consider taking out a personal loan. If you don’t want to go too far into debt, a personal loan is a great choice. Usually, they run around $1,000 to $5,000. They do have higher interest rates as they are unsecured loans. Here’s the kicker, you need to invest every dime into the business. Resist the temptation to use it for anything personal.

To get your business up and running, you may need to invest in advertising, or writers, or inventory for whatever business idea you have. Budget and direct every dime towards some part of the business to help get it off the ground.

Consider a business loan

Many times, a bank may loan out money to help a business get off the ground. It would be considered an investment loan.

If you don’t want to take out a loan, which is always a better idea, try looking for investors.

Seek Out Investors

There are a lot of people out there that are looking for new start-ups to invest in. They want to make money, and if they believe in your idea, then they’ll be willing to invest in your business to help make it a success.

Of course, a bank may offer an investment loan, but other than a loan, try looking for those around you that have a little bit of expendable money. Try out your friends and family first. If you don’t need a lot of start-up cash, then a friend or family member that has a little money might be willing to help get it started.

Before seeking an investor, you need to make your business plan. A business plan is where you write out what your business is, why it needs to get started, how you’ll generate cash and revenue, and goals for the business.

Don’t go to an investor without your business plan put together first. They won’t invest if you don’t even understand your business. Make sure you know everything about how to make it work and how you plan to make money with it. An investment can be considered a loan, or it may be a stake in the company. Sometimes you might have to pay the money back, or they invest to own a portion of the company.

But before they give you any money, they want to know why you’re starting a business and why it will work. They know it’s a risk. You don’t need to convince any investor about this. They already know that! However, they want to see why they should trust you to take that risk.

Be prepared and have a business plan developed and prepare an outline of how and why your business will be a success. Whether it’s a franchise, a brand new start-up, or a blog.

Start Small And Grow

Sometimes you have to start small and grow from there. This may be a slower growth, but as you make money with your business you can re-invest it back into the company to help speed up the growth.

If you do further research, you may run across other posts that claim you need around $3-5,000 to start a business. Sometimes, sure. This isn’t always true though. Starting with the money and skills and assets that you have right now is all you need. It depends on your business idea. You may not be able to have a building right away, but you could start with an office in your home and a computer.

Instead of a restaurant, start out with a food truck. Instead of hiring employees, start out with your time after your first job. Whatever it is, start smaller and let the business pay for itself with the money it makes. That’s how our blog works. We are taking any money we make from this blog and putting it back into the blog.

We understand that we may not profit for a year or more, but we’re okay with it. We know that this blog has potential to change lives and make a lot of money along the way. But we have got to get there first.

This is how to start a business from scratch. Understand that you may not profit right away, but you let that drive you to success in the future. Every business has to start somewhere.

Start With A Service Based Business

When you don’t have a lot of money, you need to start with something that doesn’t require a lot of money to start in the first place. This kind of business is a service-based company. To start a business with no money, offer what skills or services you have.

You could try:

· Consultation

· Construction

· Real Estate Agent

· Catering

· Etc…

You may need to invest a little to get started with these, but if it’s mainly based on a service you offer, then get a license to get started and go find a few clients. There’s no need for a building or office right away. Start with the service and grow.

You will start off a lot better than most who take out loans and use credit cards to fund their venture. It’s better when you start with no debt or with as little debt as possible.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when you start a business and you don’t have the start-up capital that’s required, you can still start your business with what you have. You don’t need a lot of money to get started. You just need to get started. Many people get stuck on the planning and the saving that they never actually start. Even if you take out a loan to get started. If you finance your start-up, handle it wisely.

Don’t give up! Most businesses will fail. That doesn’t mean that your first business will. The reason that mot fail is because they are drowning in debt and they don’t manage their money very well, or they give up when they don’t get rich quick. Stick it out and remember the fact that you could be rich one day. You’ll never know if you give up or don’t try.

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