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How To Start Your Own Blog (Step-By-Step Guide)

Updated: Feb 26

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Do you want to start a business that has very low start-up costs and is easy to start? Blogging is an excellent business to start if that’s you! Blogging has the potential to make you a lot of money while also costing very little to run.

If you want to know how to start your own blog, you have to remember that it takes hard work and a long time to really get going. To be honest, most bloggers don’t make very much money with it because of a few reasons that we’ll discuss in a bit.

It’s not because they don’t care to make money or wouldn’t appreciate the income, but they just don’t know how, or they don’t understand the logistics behind running a business. A blog should be treated like a business.

You might be asking questions like, “How do you start a blog?” and, “How do I make money with a blog?” or, “Should I start a blog in 2021?” These are great questions and aren’t that difficult to answer. I will answer these questions, and show how you can set goals on where you want your blog to be within the next few years.

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So, if you’re ready to learn how to start a blog, then let’s get started!

What Is A Blogger?

Before getting started, you need to know exactly what a blogger is. A blogger is someone that writes valuable, researched content such as articles and blog posts for readers who want to learn more about a specific topic.

Most of what a blogger writes are for educational or learning purposes.

Woman Blogging On Her Bed

I usually look up blogs on specific niches to learn more about that subject. Some people really enjoy fishing. If they want to learn more about fishing and tips to fish better, they may go follow a blogger that writes about his fishing trips and what he does to catch more fish.

Blogging is an amazing resource for people to utilize to learn more about their specified niche. Not all bloggers write only about their niche.

For example, someone that offers great advice for fishing better, may also write personal blog posts for followers to simply enjoy.

It may not offer advice, but it really just tells readers about themselves. People really enjoy both kind of blogs.

Blogging is simply writing down your thoughts and expertise and publishing it on your website for readers to find. Blogging does go further in depth, however.

How do you start a blog?

Is starting a blog in 2021 worth it? Yes! Our opinion is yes, and here’s why. There are millions of blogs on the internet and tons of different niches that people have chosen to write about.

So, yes, the blogging business is saturated, but it isn’t dead.

Blogging is actually flourishing. Sure, there is a lot of competition out there, but if you play your cards just right, you’ll make it to the top. Because it’s saturated, you have to fight harder to get to the top.

It does take a bit longer to get there, maybe even a few years. Most people actually give up on blogging because they don’t make money really quick.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. But it can make you a lot of money if you stick with it. If you stick with it, your blog will rise to the top.

On Google, your blog doesn’t start getting referred to people or even ranking for at least 6 months. That’s why if you give it time, it will grow. You also have to market and advertise your blog in the right ways.

Your blog can make you a lot of money. How much? I talk about it later at the bottom of this post.

1. Choose A Niche

What is a niche? A niche is a focused and targeted area of interest, like cooking, or finance. You can be very specific with your niche or broad. Either way, you don’t want to start a blog about everything. One reason is because google won’t know who to refer your blog to, so it will be harder to rank for certain keywords.

Google likes to rank higher blogs that are more focused. When you search for something specific, usually you get results from bloggers that are all about that niche.

This is why niching down matters. Google will refer bloggers who appear as experts to readers. But how do you choose a niche? What Niches are more profitable?

Choosing A Niche?

1. Choose A Popular Topic

You don’t have to just choose a topic that you’re very interested in. You can choose a topic that is more searched and can earn more money. Choose a topic that has a large enough audience.

2. Choose A Topic That You Can Write A Lot For

If you choose a topic that you know nothing about, it’s going to be hard to write a lot about that niche. You don’t have to be an expert in a niche to write about it. Whatever blog niche you choose, make sure to learn as much as you can about it to help you consistently write more blog posts.

3. Don’t Be Too Broad

Don’t write about everything. Choose a topic and write only about that topic. If you’re a finance blog, write about only things that are regarding money and finance.

4. Don’t Be Too Specific

Don’t choose something so specific. When it is too focused, you limit how much you have to write about, and limit your potential audience.

Cents of Marriage is a finance and money blog. We write about topics regarding anything finance and making people more money. It has subtopics, but it all refers back to money and finance.

We write about saving money, starting a business, and more, but it all relates to finance and money.

What Topics are most profitable?

In our research, we have found these to be the top 5 most profitable niches:

1. Money and Finance

2. Cooking

3. Health & Fitness

4. Home Decor.

5. Travel

There are plenty more niches you can choose from, but these are the most profitable niches.

2. Pick A Blogger Platform To Get Started

What is the best blogging platform? Where’s the best place to set up your blog? There are plenty out there to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you should choose those.

We recommend using Bluehost. Bluehost offers different plans for different users, but if you're simply starting a blog, the basic version would be the perfect fit!

Screenshot of Bluehost plans.

In order to get the discount listed above, you can use this link here. After you sign up with Bluehost, add Wordpress as your main website editing platform. It's super easy!

3. Pick A Great Theme

The design and functionality of your blog matters a lot! When picking a theme, keep it professional, but also fun. Whatever your blog is about, be consistent with your colors.

Screenshot of

You can customize it yourself if you don’t want a theme, but make sure you take your time to make it look good before publishing. I suggest picking a template that is already customized for you and adding your personal touch to it.

There are plenty of themes to pick from, and if you choose wix, most themes are free to use. Wix doesn’t offer the best themes, so if you go with Wix you want to further customize it. With Wix, however, it is so easy to customize your theme and make it truly yours. Other blog platforms like Wordpress allow you to buy themes. If you want your theme fully customized for you, then go with Wordpress.

Wordpress is not as user friendly. It’s easy to use once you get used to playing with it, but overall Wix is easier to use for customizing your blog and picking a great theme.

4. Choose A Wicked Awesome Domain Name

What are good blog names? How do you come up with a good domain name? I'm going to show you how to come up with a blog name.

First, you find your niche, and think of great keywords that flow well with that niche.

Second, decide what type of domain name extension you should use.

  1. .com

  2. .net

  3. .blog

  4. .co

We suggest using an extension with .com if possible. Using .net and .blog is suitable, but you want to try to stick with .com because it looks the most professional and as of 2020, over half the internets domain names use the .com extension.

People know .com the most so a blog that uses .com will be more memorable than any other extension.

If you have trouble coming up with a blog name, try using this blog name generator here.

Next, use this tool to make sure that name is available.

5. Actually Start The Blog

Let me keep this one short. Actually start your blog! Don’t wait around for everything to be perfect and planning everything that you never actually hit publish.

Your blog does not need to be perfect to get started. Actually, after you hit publish, you will likely change a few things from time to time. The point is, get started!

6. Write Quality Content

When writing your blog posts, don’t just crank out a ton of content if you are new to writing. Take time to learn how to write blog posts. There’s more to writing a blog post than simply typing and publishing.

You need to write quality content. I have heard great wisdom from other bloggers that is so true. Others have told me that quality over quantity, but on a consistent schedule matters the most.

Take time to put in the effort to make your post good but do it consistently. If you can only post 2-3 times a month, but you do it consistently, your blog will still flourish. It may flourish more if the writing is better written and more enticing.

How long should a blog post be? To rank on Google, the average blog posts needs to be at-least 2000 words minimum. Keep your posts fresh as well and don’t copy. Search engines know when a post was copied and won’t refer it to as many people.

Keep it fresh and unique. Keep it you!

Take your time to add flavor to it, or it can result in being bland and won’t attract any readers. Learn how to write to attract readers and how to rank in search results. I talk about this later in this post.

7. Have A Consistent Posting Schedule

How many blog posts per week? How many blog posts per month? It doesn’t matter. As long as it is consistent. If you can add more within a shorter period of time without burning out, then do it! Your blog could grow faster.

However, if writing too much will burn you out and cause inconsistent postings, then slow it down. Your blog may grow slower, but it still has potential to grow.

Keep a consistent posting schedule that works for you. If you stay consistent, people will take you more seriously and will remember when to return to your blog for new posts.

8. Get On Social Media

In order to get the most readers out of your blog, you need to get social. There’s a lot you can choose from, but don’t do all of them if it’s too much to handle in the beginning stages.

Cents of Marriage is only on Facebook and Pinterest. We don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin. So, we are on social media, but we’re able to put a lot more effort into fewer spaces. Instead of little effort spread across different social media platforms, we are focused on being the best at just a few.

Email marketing is another way that isn't necessarily social media related, but it keeps readers engaged and in touch with your blog.

Social media is a great resource to get more traffic to your blog. Here are the best ones to use:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Pinterest

4. Instagram

5. LinkedIn

6. YouTube

7. Convert Kit - email marketing

8. And more!

Get on social media and anytime you post a new blog, spread it across your social media accounts. This will drive people to your blog and overall bring you more traffic.

9. Learn SEO

This is probably the most important thing to know when writing your blog posts. It’s more than just writing your thoughts down. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that you enhance the searchability of your post on search engines.

To apply SEO to your posts, you include keywords and terms that are widely searched so they appear in peoples search results. For example, if you write a blog post on cat breeding, if a possible keyword or phrase is “How to breed cats”, and this keyword has low competition but a high search volume, then use that phrase in your title and your article that you write on cat breeding. This allows your blog to show up in search results when people search for help with cat breeding.

SEO is very important and is required to help your blog stand out and rank higher. Over time you’ll get better and even master SEO, but take it one step at a time.

A great tool for finding keywords that rank and how much competition there is surrounding that term, go here and download Keyword Surfer. This tool only works on Google Chrome, but it shows you a pretty good idea of how many people every month are searching the same keywords as you.

10. How To Monetize A Blog and When

This is actually how to make money with a blog. You make money by showing ads and making sponsored posts. There are a lot of ways you can honestly make money with a blog. Here’s how!

1. CPC Ads

You make money by signing up for an ad network that pays you for displaying ads on your blog and showing them to your readers. CPC means cost-per-click. This means that anytime someone on your blog clicks that ad, you make money.

The gains are small, but when you have a ton of monthly viewers, the money racks up. You can sign up for networks like Google Adsense, Advine, Taboola, and more.

Google adsense is great for beginners, as the other few listed require a higher audience of more than 25,000 a month.

2. Sponsorships

You can reach out to like-minded companies or let them reach out to you, but a sponsored post is when a company pays you an agreed upon price to include their product in your blog post.

You can even sell ad space to those companies and just place an image with a link back to that company.

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Sell a product

5. Sell a course

Selling a product and a course are probably the biggest earners for most bloggers. You can create and sell a digital course on how to blog, or a course on weight loss or eating healthier. Whatever it is, do it!

11. Be Patient With Your Blog

How long does it take to profit from a blog? It depends. I know you don’t like that answer, but it really does depend on a number of things: style, niche, amount of blog posts, etc.

Every blog grows at a different rate and you really need to be patient and let the blog grow.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise or share on social media. Definitely continue to do those things, but your blog won’t attract to its full potential for a while. Be patient and let it grow.

In our opinion, it usually takes about 6 months to start seeing a reasonable growth in traffic, and then about 1 year to see around 5,000 or more page views. After a year, like 1-2 years, you should start to see traffic head up to about 25,000-50,000. It depends on other things though. If you play the cards right, you could start to see a lot more traffic in shorter periods.

12. Run It Like A Business

This is not just a diary. It involves marketing, advertising, networking. You have to treat it like a business if you want to make money with it.

Woman drinking coffee while blogging

If you don’t care to make much money with it, then yeah, it’s just a diary. However, if your dream is to make it a full-time income, you need to treat it like a business for it to grow and lead to a full-time income.

13. How Much Do Bloggers Make?

It really depends also. Depending on your traffic and the age of your blog:

  • 0-5,000 pageviews per month = $0-30 per month

  • 5,000-30,000 pageviews per month = $30-1,000 per month

  • 30,000-100,000 per month = $1,000-5,000 per month

  • 100,000-500,000 per month = $5,000-15,000 per month

  • 500,000+ per month = $15,000+ per month

This totally depends on your blog and how you’re monetizing your blog, but those are rough estimates of what you could be making. And those are conservative numbers. Making Sense of Cents is a blog that makes over $100,000 a month!

14. Collect Emails

Starting out with a new blog, you should find a place to start collecting emails. Why? Because you have the potential to make most of your money with a blog from your subscribers.

They have given you their emails because they are interested in what you have to say, and they want to follow your content. They are the most engaged of your blog viewers. If they are already subscribed to you, any affiliate products you offer in your emails, they will be the most open to actually clicking on them and buying through your links.

This is done through affiliate marketing, which is linking to products or companies in your content, and you get a commission if they click on those links and sign up.

When you have your email base, those subscribers already trust you to an extent and are more likely to click on them.

We suggest Convertkit. This is our favorite way of collecting emails. They make it super easy to collect emails, and makes sending them out even easier! Start collecting emails on day one that your blog goes live.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! I hope this helps you get started with making your first blog and getting started with a better future. Having your own business can bring a lot of freedom. You might still be working 40+ hours every week, but at-least you’re not having to follow a bunch of strict rules, or have a boss breathing down your neck.

Start your blog now with Bluehost through this link and let us know what kind of success you’ve had in the past. We would love to hear from you, so please comment below.

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